Jessica's Diary

April/May 2003:

Jessica is 7 months old now and still getting bigger. She now weighs 8.3 kilos and measures 71 cm.

She is pulling herself up by anything she can get her hands on and stands there swaying.

She seems very eager to get around and has started pushing backwards when she is on the floor.

Still no teeth but she chews fine so we are not in a hurry to brush teeth.

Eats 3 "real meals" a day including cheese, banana bits, crackers etc.


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28 May 2003:

Jessica is 8 months old now. She is doing so much more than just a week ago and the development is amazing.

She has been pulling herself up to stand on her feet by using the bars in her bed and the play pen for about 1 month now. Now she is walking along the side holding on to the top.

She is starting to lay on her knees and hands, rocking trying to go somewhere.

Jessica is trying a lot of "new faces" and "wrinkles her nose". See photo on right.

There are still no teeth, but they might be on their way. She just had a fever for 3 days and none of us slept.

18th August 2003:

The Summer is almost over and a lot has happened during the last months. Jessica is 10 months old now. She has been on a long plane ride for the first time (to Los Angeles July 11th).

She is here there and everywhere now. Walking while holding on to the furniture but letting go sometimes to test herself. It won't be long before she is standing/walking on her own. Right now she is following us all around the apartment, getting into closets and drawers.

She is a lot of fun. Just watching her can be a blast. Always smiling and laughing. A really happy and easy going girl with a good portion of curiousity and eagerness to learn and explore.

We are looking forward to the next months with her, to follow her development.